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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Somewhere near Seattle...

Dear Readers,
I wish I could meet ALL of you the way I've been meeting SOME of you since Saturday!
During my first hours off the plane in Portland, Or., I went to a huge (blocks long & stories high) bookstore named POWELL'S, and met my readers. Some had driven for hours for my quick "drive by" signing and we talked for a long time together. They brought well-read (and well LOVED, they said, which made me very happy) and let me sign them.
My friend Melissa Farlow, the amazing National Geographic photographer who photographed wild horses all over the West -- including the real Phantom -- came by and we brainstormed a possible book. Not alone, either, we included a reader who was sitting with us! So much fun!!!
After that, we stopped at a Borders book stoand saw a girl standing tip-toe to reach a top shelf and my friend Suzanne "BULL RIDER" Williams asked "Do you like those books?" and the wonderful girl said, "I LOVE these books!" so I introduced myself. And we had a great time talking.
We stopped some other places -- totally unplanned -- and were lucky enough to keep meeting our readers. And the booksellers were so nice! They treated us like rock stars!
We made a presentation at Third Place Books in a wonderful community space with a stage, a projector for my PHANTOM film,a food court, library, community college -- and amazing people.
There, we had Roseanne Parry with us, too. She wrote HEART OF A SHEPHERD, another neat Western book, featuring sheep. So, we had a horse author, a cow author and a sheep author! A former favorite student of mine (from Reno!) was having a snack at the community center food court and recognized my voice and came over to say HI!
More later, all, I just wanted you to know I hadn't forgotten about you.
And never will,

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Comments: that sounds like tons of fun. By the way I'm in the middle of "Bullrider" it's REALLY good!!!!
I like Cam's little sister, Lali.
  p.s. what is your PHANTOM film???
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