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Monday, May 18, 2009

Teen Teams

Dear Readers,
If you haven't made summer plans and want to do something EXCEPTIONAL -- take a look at Earthwatch's Teen Team programs.
Some of you might remember that I went on an Earthwatch expedition last May to observe and document the behavior of wild horses. It was hard work, but I learned a lot about the scientific process and helped the horses, too.
The Teen Teams go all over the world, biking through France to help endangred birds, studying the wild life of Central Park in New York, helping preserve an ancient fort in Rome, leatherback turtles, dolphins -- and this is all vital research to help your planet.
Can you tell I had a wonderful (hard-working) time and am proud of what we accomplished? It's a good feeling :)
If you check out this page Teen Team Expeditions
you'll see (at the bottom of the page), that some expeditions have a competitive fellowship/scholarship program, too!

Even if you can't go now, maybe you can start an expedition fund!

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Comments: that would be so cool!!! I'll check it out.
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