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Terri Farley
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Dear Readers,
Okay, I know I wasn't there.
And I didn't answer the call from the anonymous tipster.
But please read this story and tell me if it rings true to you.
Running wild in the cemetery?
Here's the thing: what would a horse get out of kicking over tombstones?
Use your heads and tell me what you think, ok?

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 10:23 PM

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Comments: Well i can understand why they would be roaming around the cemetary, I mean the grounds are usualy well kept right? where i live there is a nice lawn, but I assume where the horses are located there are probably tastey plants that they smelled near the cemetary.
Now horses are certainly capeable ot knocking over a tombstone but it would require several well-aimed kicks. Unless... they were provoked into doing it. If someone were trying to rope the horses or round them up the mustangs might have lashed out trying to escape knocking over the heavy headstones in the process.I just find it hard to believe that wild horses would break into the cemetary and purposefuly start knocking over tombstones for revenge or something. Then there's the issue of how old the stones are. Is it possible for even a human to back into one by mistake and knock it over? I've seen it happen.

  ...then again we never know exactly why animals do some of the actions they do. Only God knows for sure.

Maybe the horses thought it was somehow possible to help their scared family herd that was rounded up by destroying the human's property.

  That is just weird, I truly think people are going to start saying anythings so that the mustangs can disappear.
  And the tip was anonymous...and the cemetery borders BLM land and though I thought of a horse scratching its tail on a tombstone, the height's just not right
  That is weird. Maybe the horses are angry because BLM is taking all their cousins off the range and they're trying to make a point to everybody! lol
  That's just crazy. There are just way too many different ways something like this could have occurred!

Fancy's Friend
  I totally agree with you Mrs. Farley. The height is all wrong for scratching. And it also does not make an sense about the tomb stones being knocked over. They usally only kick when threantened, not for fun. It is possible some people were scaring them.
Mustangs wouldn't porposly sabatage a cematery. They do no even know what it is! All of this sound fishy.
I am stil peicing this together, but it tis a mystery!
Save the mustangs!
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