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Terri Farley
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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Calico Death Toll

39 horses
69 aborted foals

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 11:29 PM

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Comments: Argh the stinking murderers! Why do they have the athority to do this. I hate sitting around listening to this happen!

  It says on the BLM website that the total fatality percent each year isn't even 1%.

But though that may not seem like very many in percent form, BLM rounds up A LOT of horses.

108 (if my math is correct) horses is A LOT for the amount of care they're supposed to be giving to ensure that the horses make it through all right.

I also like (sarcasm) how on the pages about their holding facilities, they don't show the horses in corrals, but free, BEFORE they've been put under stress and forced to run into metal traps.

Hmmm...what should we get from this?

  I've seen many animals (my beloved pets) die before my eyes. I've become a silent watcher most of the time, although I cry when I'm very close to one. 39 horses 69 foals is a huge death toll. I would be terrified to see them dying. What a shame no one has a video of this! Cruelity. Unfairness. Murder. Ignorence. There's alot worse words for this.
  That's horrifing! How could they do a thing like that? Mrs. Farley, I wish I could go to at least one rally! I want to show the world that I am fighting for the mustangs!
  This is terrible : ( It's just killing me to have to stand by and hear this. I don't even have words for this! I wish I could show people how strongly I feel about this too, I know we are helping, but I want people to see what we are willing to do to save our mustangs!

-Nevada Sunshine
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