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Terri Farley
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Grass Roots Horses !


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Posted by Terri Farley @ 5:40 PM

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Comments: You think the government would look at these expenses especially because of the dept the U.S is in.

I just look and read about topics like this and think "is there just a hint of ignorance maybe in rounding-up these wild horses"?
  The problem is that the people making these decisions are fueled by people making seriously large amounts of money.

Part of the issue is apparently an upcoming gas/pipeline and maybe even mineral mining from what I have heard. I also heard they are hiding behind the "rancher issue".

This is not being done because of too many horses, poor range conditions or any of the other "pretend" reasons that BLM are giving. Most of these horses brought in were in fabulous shape before they went through the stress of the roundups.

As is clear by the numbers, and they don't lie, the BLM is creating it's own problem. And there is also that lied about, minor detail that is hidden as much as possible, that these mustangs are ending up in slaughter, which is an extremely profitable market. There are videos out there on utube etc., some taken by the humane society that show animals being tortured, bled out while they are still alive, having to be shot 2 or 3 times in the "slaughter process" and many of these are mustangs.

After BLM is done with their "formal adoptions" with all the "restrictions" for the people who actually want the horses, they sell them outright with ownership being granted IMMEDIATELY - and don't require them to own them for a year first. Makes it pretty easy for the "excess horses" to go straight to slaughter.

But if you ask BLM, they will tell you that isn't true. But I guess once again a picture is worth a thousand words.

We need to stop BLM.
  I agree it really isnt fair for those beautiful mustangs the BLM should be stoped
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