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Terri Farley
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Can you help with this Phantom question?

Dear Readers,
Let's see who can track down the answer to this question FASTEST!
This is from one of my readers:

I have been searching thru my Phantom Stallion collection trying to find which book has the lesson on reading the mustang brand! I am afraid I may have given that particular one to a young reader friend, ( I am always turning the kids onto your books)

Now I have a youngster who wants to learn about the brand on my mustang, and I cannot find the info I used out of one of the P.S stories that taught me to decipher the brand myself!

Can you recollect which book has that in it?

Thanks! I'll be watching for your answers!

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 12:16 PM

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Comments: it is book two
  I am pretty sure it is book 2
  Well, in book 1 it isn't mentioned, I think. In book 2 there is the whole ordeal with the Blue Roran who wasn't a mustang. Book three was Dark Sunshine....

  I think it is the one with Dark Sunshine?
There's one with a diagram showing the alpha angle alphabet...that's what this reader is looking for, I think.
  I thought that it was Heart Brake Bronco. Maybe I was wrong. If I remember right, Sam was doing the HARP program, and if they got the answers right, they got an ice cream sundae. Maybe I'm wrong?
  book 13 the one with jinx
  heart break bronco #13
  Book 13, Heartbreak Bronco page 133-134. =)
  Y E S !!!
  I'm interested with stallion collection. Looks like it has a lot of interesting thing in it.
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