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Terri Farley
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fantasy France

Dear Readers,
I'm putting another place on my list of lands I must visit. Wild white horses, wild black bulls roam the marshlands here in Wild Western France .
Read this article and make plans -- if only in y(our) dreams!

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 3:42 AM

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Comments: wow, look how majestic those horses are!
  are those the wild carmague horses? I have some posters of them. they are really beautiful
  Hi Terri!

Here's another place to add to your list :P I know it's on MINE! (along with Assateague Island, Nevada and The High Country haha).

Portugal. Yep, they have their own wild horses. I have a horsey pen-pal (e-pal haha) over there and when we first started emailed she told me about them. They're called Garranos and theres only two or so herds left. In the winter they're given extra feed to help them through. Also, over there, it's forbidden to touch them. I dont know about you, but I think it adds more mystery to them :P Apparently they're not too afraid of people either. I spose because they haven't needed to be. They're fairly protected over there.

Here's a photo of some :P

Enjoy =]

Crystal xo
  Crystal, this is wonderful! I'll have to look them up.Thanks for opening the door to my world a bit wider!
  Those are awesome horses crystal. thanks for the picture. also, how did you get a penpal from portugal?
  Terri: You're welcome :) they're definately on my list to see too :P

Butterscotch Pony: they're gorgeous aren't they :P I want to see some in the wild so bad :P I got my penpal Cristina by signing up to youtube haha. I made a video about my horse Blondey when my riding teacher first offered her for sale as a goodbye because I didn't think I'd see her again (was I wrong!! haha) and she commented on it with similar stories and we kept talking until we swapped email address. Now we email every week :)

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