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Terri Farley
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Horse helping Humans, part zillion

Dear Readers,
Some of you know that I'm very interested in prison programs which match prison inmates with captive wild horses. Both are incarcerated, but both have lots to offer each other.
I think you'll enjoy this article which looks at the Nevada program (from a NY perspective)which shows how horses are helping us even in a
Home Off the Range

For those of you who like good writing, check out this article's details. I loved this tidbit: nervous neighbors spotting "escaped" inmates who were actually searching for 14 mustangs that slipped out in the night.
Reading and riding rock,

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 7:23 AM

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Comments: Hi Terri,

They haven't chosen a name for the rescue center I'll be working at,because it's not running yet. Right now we're just building fences and corrals for the wild horses,but the owner has already promised me a job working with the mustangs this summer!
Oh,and I'd also like you to know we actually saw a wild stallion up in the mountains where I live that looks kind of like the Phantom. I couldn't believe it since we live in Arkansas until I started asking around and it turns out he's been stealing mares so we're trying to keep our mares as safe as possible. The BLM has tried to capture him now for 5 years and still haven't been sucessful. When I heard this story,it gave me chill bumps because it reminded me so much of the Phantom. Hope he's doing well,by the way!
  I love this story by the way :)
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