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Terri Farley
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Win a Morgan Horse!

Dear Readers,
This exciting contest was won by a nine-year-old Delaware girl last year, but any of you UNDER 21 are eligible to win!
I promise, a short visit to this website MORGANS! will have you day-dreaming about winning your own Morgan.
Send off an email to for an application, essay directions, and other contest details.
Then, while you're waiting to receive them and get started (the deadline to enter is Sept. 1), check out Copper Beech Morgans, farm of Ann Hailey, who'll be donating a horse from her breeding program. Look around and you'll find a photo of the horse that was donated last year. Can anybody find his nickname?
Have fun!

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 9:24 AM

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Comments: Very cool! I'll have to ask my parents if I can enter though. It would be awesome if I could actually win a horse!
  Hi Terri!
You've probably already gotten answers to the nickname of the donated horse from last years Morgan contest, but I thought I'd say it anyways: Cash.

He's adorable!
  Wow... That's amazing and Cash is a beauty.
  His nickname is Cash.
What a bummer the application costs $100 according to where I found his name. =(
  HI -- I just poked around and it looks to me like they do have an entry fee, but it's $50. That was from the Morgan site. Maybe I'll request a contest packet, even though I can't enter!
And you all were sure quick finding that nickname!
  I read about that in Young Rider magazine. That would be a total dream come true to win a lovely morgan horse. too bad if I did win him I wouldnt be able to keep him. Good luck to everyone who enters!
And Cash is quite a beauty!
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