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Terri Farley
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Q & A on Phantom

Dear Readers,
A heartfelt and angry question recently appeared on my YouTube site, where the real Phantom appears(If you haven't seen it, or want to see the majestic stallion again, you can click here : Phantom Live). I hope the writer -- and you -- understand my response.


why can't the phantom´╗┐ be set out in the wild? why does he have to have the next best? other people might want to have at least a chance to see him and i'm sure he would prefer the wild.


Thanks so much for your note and for caring about the Phantom.
This was the problem: land developers built houses all over the Phantom's winter range. He'd been bringing his herd there for at least 10 years. Suddenly, there were green lawns to eat and water ran down gutters like swift, fresh streams.
But the place was overrun with people. Mares were hit by cars. Foals were attacked by packs of pet dogs.
The stallion must have been confused. Still, he believed it was his land (I agree) and he kept coming back until he was down to ONE mare and her baby.
Although many of us who loved him wanted to keep him out on the land, we were afraid he would be the next one killed by human intruders, and moving him to 5,500 open acres seemed like a fair, if not perfect, solution.
I hope you understand.

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 11:25 AM

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Comments: Life isn't always fair and doesn't go the way we want it. Thats why if you want to work with endangered animals or wild animals you have to be flexible. I admire what the Phantom's fans and yes rescuers did to give him a chance at a life that doesn't include inground pools and scary rideon mowers. =0) Hey not every wild or feral horse could have it this way... they could be rounded up for auction and then who knows what. Thanks for sharing Mrs.Terri

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