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Terri Farley
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Get Arty

Guess what I got into trouble for most often when I was in elementary school? I drew horses on my papers. All over my papers. My fifth grade teacher finally gave up and told me I could incorporate horses into my signature, but THAT WAS ALL. And it worked!
Her name was Mrs. Bland and I dedicated a book to her.
Horses are still the only thing I can draw,and I remember spending hours with a book by an artist called Walter Foster. Although I can't find any free examples of his techniques on line, I did find this drawing horses which is a similar process.
I bet you'll have fun giving it a try!

p.s. drawing horses wasn't the thing I got sent to the principal's office for, but that's another story

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 4:12 AM

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Comments: mhhmmm lol Mrs. Farley... I got introuble for the same thing in a way.. I drew comics on the sides of my quizes of a little series I made up called "Nickers 'n' Neighs". Whats funny is my teacher was called Ms. Phillis. and some of us called her "Old Filly".. not to her face of cource. I did learn alot from her.. but i still love drawing comics, realisitc, and modern art of horses!

ps Mr. Foster's art is amazing.

  I like to draw sometimes too. mostly horses and dogs, but occasionally other things. Even though I have entered several art contests in the past, none of them have ever won even though everyone always says they're the greatest lol
  I'm really into art, and what I love drawing most is eyes. Realistic eyes, fantasy eyes, manga eyes, cartoon eyes...the list goes on. However I'm homeschooled so my mother pretty much puts up with the doodles as long as she can read all my answers and I don't adorn any test sheets :)
  hey I am homeschooled too! ;)
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