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Terri Farley
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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

from the field

Cloud has been released. He did not want to leave - they took his daughter Dancer at the gate so he kept snaking the mares back trying to get her and wranglers had to drive him out - up and down cliffs - it was heartbreaking.
They also released Baja with 1 of the footsore foals - kept the colt who was really sore.
Carol Walker

just got this, too:

TONIGHT on Howling Ridge Radio we will be joined by some people who were actually on the Pryor Mountain observing this tragedy. Former 'Good Morning America' correspondent Chantal Westerman and Monika Courtney were on the mountain, and Craig Downer, Duane Burright, and Dr.Lisa Jacobson will also be our guests.

The show starts at 9:30pm Eastern and runs for two hours. You can reach the show page here
If you would like to call in the call in number is: 718-664-6596. You need not call in to listen to the program as you may listen at the show page. If you do want to call in press 1 and that will let us know that you would like to speak. We hope you will join us to hear these eyewitness accounts from Chantal and Monika.

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Comments: yay for cloud!!!!
  Its a heartbraker that he had to be seperated from those he had a bond with but at least he's free for the time being and he'll be able to carry on his blood line and heritage with new foals and colts. Thanks for the update Mrs. Terri!
  I'm glad he's been released! It's nice to hear some good news!
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