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Terri Farley
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Friday, September 04, 2009

Wild Horse Rumors, Myths and Lies

Dear Readers,
Confrontations -- on the range,in city streets or town hall meetings -- can turn ugly. My mind is swimming from things I've heard about our wild horses, lately, and I want to warn you to question what you hear. Not all sources on the Internet, on television or even in person can be trusted.
Two issues --a) horses as a non-native species to North America and b) the ROAM bill as a Federal grab for oil-- are gnawing on my nerves like misguided mice nibbling insulation on electrical wiring.
I don't want to shock anyone, but I've seen bones of prehistoric Nevada horses the sizes of foxes -- in a museum, not in my dreams. Horses were in North America six million years ago. It is likely they died out and were re-introduced by Spanish explorers much later, but this is a lousy arguement for culling wild horses, specially from those who aren't Native American.
Is there a conflict between oil and wild horses? Sure. If a profit can be made from the ground beneath their hooves, if their muscles can be turned into meat and then cold, hard cash, some humans will see $$$ not wild horses.
Facts are twisted to fit arguments all the time (I know you know, but still!) so don't guess at what the writer or speaker is trying to say; read each word. Then, go back to original documents -- EX: the text of the ROAM bill, passed by the House of Representatives is online -- and read every word of those.

I can't help imagining that this stallion is watching us, wondering what we'll do next.
Hoping with heart and head,

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 3:02 PM

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Comments: I don't believe that it was millions of years ago.. but i do believe that they inhabited this land before us. God did create the beast of the field (horses) before he created man. Man has dominion of the animals as a caretaker not a destroyer. I pray that the BLM and people realise what they're trying to control.
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