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Terri Farley
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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Another home off the range?

Dear Readers,
I'm waiting for details on this news story: Sec. Salazar proposes moving West's wild horses and I'll tell you what I know, as soon as I know.

Some of my concerns:

> Of course I'd rather have all the wild horses running free

> This would take mustangs far from their Western homelands

> I want to hear the Secretary's definition of a preserve. Is there a reason he didn't say sanctuary?
Semantics are important.

This plan definitely puts a roadblock up for BLM's "silver bullet" plan to slaughter the wild horses already in captivity. And that IS a good thing.


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Posted by Terri Farley @ 6:34 PM

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Comments: I have thought over BLM's viscious cycle over and over again...and it still makes no sense.

1)They capture (excuse me, 'gather') horses off the range (which they have no business doing anyway because they have no money to care for the ones they already have in captivity, but they do it anyway for reasons that no matter how many times they tell us it, it isn't gonna match up (the good of the land (???)).

2)They put them up for adoption. A lot of horses don't get adopted because people have no (ahem) MONEY or time or space to be able to adopt them. BLM is therefore STUCK with these horses. It would be senseless and wasteful to do mass-slaughter, so they remain in pens, while...

3)The BLM rounds up MORE horses...and on the cycle goes.XP The BLM loses money, the horses lose their freedom, and we lose our sanity.

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