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Terri Farley
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

News from Stagecoach, Nevada

Dear Readers,
I had to share two snippets from a local column by my friend (and mustang lover) Betty. They will give you an idea of her part of Nevada! Terri

I decided to do a little research on tumbleweeds. Wikipedia provided a lot of information and led me to some interesting Web sites. By definition a tumbleweed is any plant that once mature separates from the root and tumbles away. There were many varieties of such plants listed. The one most familiar to those living around Stagecoach and other places in Nevada is the Russian Thistle, that green, spiky plant that dries into the brown thing from --well, you get the picture. The seeds of this plant supposedly came from Africa in flaxseed in the 1870s.

But the most interesting fact about tumbleweeds was the number of Web sites I found that sell tumbleweeds -- a 20-inch diameter tumbleweed goes for around $25. Garden City Kansas claims to be the tumbleweed capital of the world --maybe we should challenge them to a tumbleweed duel. Chandler Arizona constructs their Christmas tree from tumbleweeds. At one site, you can buy "road kill tumbleweed parts" --these are tumbleweeds that have been run over by vehicles on highways.

I think we might be missing out on an opportunity here. I'll gladly give anyone of an entrepreneurial spirit as many tumbleweeds as they will haul away so they can start their own tumbleweed business in Stagecoach. I have a fine variety of seeds, starter plants or dried varieties.
Special guest at advisory meeting

Local wild horses

Our local wild horses are going "international". An author and a photographer visiting from Sweden are learning as much about our horses during their three-week stay as they can: from wild to gentled, from babies to aged, from prison trained to gentled by a teenager. They plan to publish what they learn in a book scheduled for print next year.

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