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Terri Farley
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fallon, Nevada: home of BLM's secret corrals and Coyote Killing Tournament

Image from Coyote Wild magazine

Dear Reader,
There's so much to love about Nevada, but this weekend in Fallon (where the brand new BLM mustang corrals are surrounded by private lands), they're holding a coyote killing tournament.
But that's not all... a similar event is being held in Burns, Oregon this weekend and Twin Falls, Idaho's Tater Derby will give prizes for dead wolves, foxes and bobcats as well as coyotes.
I can't help thinking about Singer, Jake's coyote pup from my books and then...
WOW! Do you think there could be a link, here? Like, when BLM says wild horses have no natural predators?


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Posted by Terri Farley @ 12:06 PM

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Comments: Oh my gosh, this is terrible! Is there anything we can do?

-Fancy's Friend
  Why would anyone want to do this?? I'm also curious- is there anything we can do?

-Nevada Sunshine
  Who can be contacted to expose this more ? Are they on a killing spree against everything ? Seems Salazar and Abbey are starting their own letter campaign in several major US cities.. maybe we ought to ask questions there on the comment pages... about this ?
Every paper they come up with an article, we ought to ask questions with a link to this. I tried to post on L.A times forever today, didn't take my comment. But someone could try - we need to network this -
  ask the question here:
WHY ? WHY THE COYOTES TOO ???,0,5245332.story

I tried, cannot post a comment.
  It seems Satan is ruling the world these days.....
And Salazar's statement, not to demonize BLM...
paaaaleeeeeze! Yes, I get you, blm is the natural predator and all the soul less red necks jerks still trying to prove they are real men by killing and torturing defenseless animals. And even further , it is never a fair fight. its sick, intolerable. I was so happy Defenders got the huge billboard in New York for the protection of grey wolves campaign. Can't we get something like this for the horses and burros?
How about the whole list of abused animals!!! Peta, help!!!!
  I think hunting only to be nessesary if your going to use the animal as meat or its fur, not for sport. I mean, I have a taste for deer, and i don't think that is wrong. Though just to have a tournment to see who can shoot the most animals? That is not only wrong, its wasteful. What will they do with the meat, just throw them away when other animals such as bears and vultures could get another meal?

It appears to me that wild horses have aplethora of predators, somtimes even moreso than animals. Wolves, coyotes (on young horses), courgers,and not to mention the elements claim lives every year. This "tournament" is destroying all of God's intended predators.

No wonder the BlM says the wild horses have no natural predators... they're killing them all.
When is man going to learn that he cannot control nature.. he can try but he can't.
  That is just plain out wrong! I hate killing animals that are inicent. That is like someone purposly setting out to kill my dog just for the show of it! That is plain sick! What is with killing these days?
Save the mustangs!
  I really need to know where those "secret" corrals are located. Street name? Address? A friend and I spent a few hours driving around Fallon yesterday looking form them. If anyone can help please email
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