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Terri Farley
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why is BLM so fussy?

photo by Deniz Bolbol shows how close choppers get to wild horses

The BLM announced a strict new visitation policy to the Fallon wild horse facility.
Ten people each week, on Sunday for two hours will be allowed to view the horses. This INCLUDES humane observers.
read more at In Defense of Animals'blog

Their excuse? BLM staff has lots of work to do, branding, vaccinating, etc.
This excuse concerns me because I've watched these tasks go on at the Palomino Valley holding pens and not only didn't I interfere, but no one huffed around saying, "I can't work when you're looking at me, Terri."
In fact, no one seemed to notice I was even there.
So why is BLM being so fussy now?

photo by Mark Terrell (watch for more!)

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 4:50 AM

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Comments: Oh you know why!

Too much coverage brings out the ' non-horsey- Oh you're being cruel to them when you brand, casterate etc- crowd!
They are trying not to have to deal with them.
Of course that just makes more people want to come out to see what's up!
  That is so weird! They just don't want the people to see what their doing to the poor horses. Mrs. Farley, I have a question, how long did it take you to write the PHANTOM STALLION series?
Lots of love,
  I am worried. WHAT are they doing to the mustangs? Are they going to hurt them?

-Nevada Sunshine
  Dude, HOW close is that helicopter to the horses in the first picture?o.o They must be terrified!!!

They probably don't want people pointing fingers at them when they're trying to 'do their job' but we're only 'pointing fingers' because we think they can do better.

  This is terrible! the poor horses now have less people to help them!
  Isn't there a distance regulation that the helipcopter have to follow? I mean you'd think the horses were already terrified as it is. I bet if a rider were on that chestnut horse there in the pic they could touch that whirlebird.

  Hi Terry:
My own opinion is this. The Cattoor's are behind alot of this secrecy. They claim they can't do their work with all the publicity. I say tough bennie boppers. If this people have so little to hide and really know what the bleep they are doing--they'd just ignore all the humane observers as they should anyway.

It just seems to me that EVERYONE would want humane observers because they can tell all of us that the horses aren't being hurt or whatever. Sadly this isn't the case.

Alot to this can go straight back to the secret roundup at the end of Nov. If we had any misgivings before (someone was sitting on the fence) we don't now.

What's also sad and alarming is the BLM's new website. Several of us have been censored for comments. Comments that are true but show the BLM in the bad spotlight.

I can't wait for O'Bama to get voted out of office. I voted for him cause I thought he'd help our Country and more recently our horses. His blindness to what the BLM is doing makes me ill.

Oh and I named the first colt to be put down for hoof sloughs Courage because of all the spirit he'd showed. How he wouldn't give up and be seperated from his mom and dad. How he wouldn't give up and just die because of all the pain he was in and the BLM just LEFT HIM to rot. They left Courage in a corral without a windbreak, no shelter of any kind. No fellow horsie friends. Just out in the cold. In the end, the BLM shot him. The way they treated Courage isn't humane, its barbaric.

Sorry for the rant.
  whoa...that helicopter is like majorly close to the horses in that picture! Just think how scared and exhausted they must be after running so hard! They just don't want people to see what they're doing to the poor horses do they???
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