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Terri Farley
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Monday, October 25, 2010

From Palomino

It is 4:00 a.m. As I sit here listening to the rain pouring down, we are in the middle of one of the worst storms I have ever seen. Every now and then you hear a big crash as the wind wreaks havoc. I thought I heard thunder, but it is the wind. There is so much power and you can feel the uncontrollable force that is all around us. It is exciting and a little bit scary. The whole carport is shaking and feels like it may just pick up and fly. This is the first real storm I have seen in the 8 years I have been in Shingletown. We had some good ones when I lived in The Poconos, but this definitely is the best, (except for the lack of thunder). When you hear and see this raw power it reminds you how little you are. (You definitely get the "real thing" when you are outside.)

I have been awake pretty much all night. Between the storm and Honey Bandit there is little chance of sleep. I still am amazed, as usually a storm like this will last an hour or so and move on. However, this has been going on all night long. The wind is howling and the rain is coming down in sheets. I don't think Honey Bandit is particularly nervous, just pretty darn mad that he hasn't been able to run. He has been getting into everything, kicking and pawing at his buckets and generally just being bored. Matt just brought us some coffee and said that the rain is driving sideways and the trees are bent over in the wind.

I wonder how many trees are quietly loosing their grip on the earth and will silently crash to the ground. I worry about the other horses. Are they under the trees? Are they huddled together? I am praying that the old barn doesn't come crashing down and that the roof stays on. I know there will be mass damage from this storm, not only from the winds, but also the amounts of water. It is like the ocean is pouring onto the roof.

I am going to go and get Honey Bandit some toys today. He is going nuts and if it is like this there is no chance of him going outside. I was planning on taking him out to get some exercise and then just drying him off, but this would be like taking him swimming.

I am truly amazed that the power is still on. I would be surprised if everyone is that lucky. Of course, I live in a carport with a horse, so loss of power would not be the end of the world. :) We are using a propane heater, so H B will still be okay.

Outside, the storm is intensifying. I wish I could keep the power it is producing. You cannot hear rain drops, only sheets of water. How lucky we were that the rains held off during the rally.

Saturday people gathered in Sacramento on the capitol steps to try and raise awareness and stop the round ups. The horror stories could go on for ever. Each one about one of our beautiful mustangs that were so severely injured, died, or had to be destroyed due to the round ups. Endless stories of heartbreak as mares and stallions were ripped away from the only families they had ever know. Stories of babies watching their dad's fighting for freedom and to protect them and dying right in front of them.

It is now 10:30 p.m. What a day. We spent most of it trying to avoid the massive flooding outside. I guess when you live at the bottom of the hill you get lots of run off. Our whole front yard was flooded, but Matt and the boys finally got that under control. Honey Bandit's stall (bed) was starting to flood again, but I believe we have that pretty water proof for now. So he has all fresh, dry bedding and he loves that. He also got a ball today as he has been quite bored. He did get to go outside for about 1/2 hour earlier and again for an hour or so later tonight. Now the temperature is dropping rapidly. It is cold!

We did lose one of the big trees. That must have been one of the crashes. Kind of strange though, it was a cedar tree and it split and the top half fell and the trunk section is still standing. Luckily no horses were around when it happened. So although it was a nasty day weather wise, it turned out well as everyone is finally dry and hopefully we won't get so wet next time. We were lucky because Honey Bandit's stall just started getting wet in the early morning, so he suffered no side effects. He is snoring softly as he sleeps beside us. The glow of the heat lamp surrounds him and all is well.

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 8:58 AM

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Comments: This is very good news; Congress has begun an animal protection group named:

you can press " see if your Rep. or Senator is on the Animal Protection Congressional Caucus Thanks ! AW

press the pix of the foal lying down to see the slideshow...
  Well I feel bad for Palomino, because over here in New Jersey it T-shirt and shorts weather. And its fall! Global warming anyone?But in the summer, the storms were brutal.

And I just have this question that only God can answer truthfully. How CAN the goverment look at Honey Bandit and still go against his point of view?

(Young At Heart)
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