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Sunday, October 10, 2010

HoneyBandit update and a Question with a prize

Dear Readers,
I'm a little late getting this HB update to you, but i promise it will still make you smile. I've highlighted my favorite part!
Question -- In one of my WILD HORSE ISLAND books, the story's theme revolves around the idea that even someone small and weak can have a huge impact on events in her life. I use a Hawaiian story of a flea to go along with this.
The first person who can tell me which book & which page will win an autographed WILD HORSE ISLAND book.
Aloha all,

Hi ya'll.

Been a busy couple of days. Yesterday, (Friday), some of our "new friends" came up and stayed with us. They then had a booth at the RAIN Flea market to raise money for Honey Bandit. We had a really wonderful afternoon/evening with Lee and Nona, and even had a little excitement around dinner time.

Honey Bandit had been out with Patches, but of course knowing we all had our cameras out, he was quite mellow and didn't do too much. A little bit of bucking and running, but nowhere near what he would usually do. I guess he is making it clear that he is not my little circus and will not perform on command.

So we put him back in our little carport, and we were chatting away when all of a sudden he went after Chino. He reared up and struck out at him and then started to buck and kick. (Now Chilly Pepper used to do that to the goat, Buddy, when she was cranky, bored or just out of sorts. They are still best friends.) At first my husband thought he didn't like the dogs anymore, but then we remembered that Chilly used to do the same thing. I guess it is kind of like when your kids are being brats and fighting with each other or arguing. Anyway, the way things were set up we came close to having a hoof in the head, not to mention numerous other items that were in peril.

So we had to re arrange his little nursery, move my bed to one end, and of course since he was cranky he couldn't play with his dogs.

Today, Matt and I built a little "wall" between Honey Bandit and where we "live". Instead of the blankets, he now has a big fluffy pile of straw, more like a real horse stall. He is pretty happy with it. Most of you saw the pictures of him in his "new bed". For now we are just doing the best we can in here until we can build the nursery. I keep thinking about the other 2 foals I heard about whose mom's were not taking care of them. However, they are in a place where there is an outbreak of strangles and it wouldn't be fair to do that to Honey Bandit. He wouldn't survive getting sick with his immune system. Hopefully they have already found new homes. But it will be nice when we have a real nursery and a place where we can quarantine someone who is sick as opposed to not helping them.

But for now, Honey Bandit is doing well and he is our big focus. We are planning on going to the protest in Sacramento on the 23rd, and I have been asked to speak. That makes me nervous, but if I can help the horses by telling Honey Bandit's story, then I will do so. Hopefully we will have lots of people with us and don't forget we need to make signs. Please feel free to use any of the pictures of Honey Bandit that I have sent out. The more focus on his story, the bigger difference we will make. It will take all of us to get him to Washington DC, and we are hoping that people will caravan at least part of the way with us.

I got to do that for the bicentennial celebration when I was in high school. I got to ride my pony with the wagon train for a few miles. We won't be in a wagon train (darn) but would be cool to have a big caravan a long the way.

Well, Honey Bandit wants his evening milk. Thank you everyone for all your support and the love you send him.

God bless, p

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 8:54 AM

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Comments: Terri!

Is that Honey Bandit?! I don't even recognize him!!!
You have me all bummed now that I'm still reading your original series, which I think is by far the best. But then again I still haven't read your other series, Wild Horse Island. So I have no chance whatsoever of getting a signed book but thats only fair. Let me take a wild guess? I'm thinking maybe Mistwalker? Either pages 30- 45? You have to give me points for trying :)

(-Young At Heart)

PS: I don't like to sound bossy, especially to adults, but could you maybe next time make a challenge out of the original series. Just wondering....
  I would not have recognized HoneyBandit either ! my this young colt is growing day by day...thanks to Palomino et al. AW
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