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Monday, December 19, 2011

I See That Cookie in Your Podium: Classroom Sanity Suggestions

Classroom chaos during the last days before and first days after the holidays isn't something I've forgotten. 
As a teacher, I tried to retain control and stay NICE. It took lots of cookies to make me think I was succeeding.

I just heard from two teachers who held off the crazies like this: 
 My December newsletter features Chapter 1 of a new book INTO THE WIND.  They read it aloud (even high school kids like storytime), then had the kids take the survey at the end of the chapter. One teacher did this in the school's computer lab. The other used it to teacher his students consensus-building and he entered responses. 
If you do this, I will eagerly read what students have to say and write back. 
Here's the link:

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