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Terri Farley
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Clothes Horse

 Dear Readers, 
 Georgina Bloomberg is an equestrian, daughter of NY's mayor and when she was interviewed, recovering from surgery which had kept her out of the saddle for a while, she talked a lot about her riding clothes and really, a week in her wardrobe.  
Clearly Georgina lives a privileged life, but I like her attitude. Ex: she has a lot of mate-less slippers because she has 5 dogs. 
Enjoy! Terri

 By BEE-SHYUAN CHANG , New York Times

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 29 I’m still recovering from back surgery I had last summer, so down here in Wellington, I start most days with physical therapy. I wore black Under Armour pants and T-shirt, and black, gray and red Nike sneakers, which are also my barn show colors. It’s basically like the colors and logo of a Nascar team. They travel with you wherever you go.
I just started riding a little again, so I get to wear my favorite riding clothes that I missed so much. I changed into my Ariat Olympia breeches in light blue and a black T-shirt. I also ride in Ariat boots — I’m sponsored by them — and a GPA First Lady helmet that has a larger brim than most helmets, which is great for blocking the Florida sun. 
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