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Terri Farley
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rocky Update- from Palomino

note from Palomino:  
  Hi --
Here are a couple of pix of Rocky, at home in Shingletown.  He will be
up for adoption at a later date.  He is doing well, although not
completely out of the woods.  He is going through diapers and propane
like crazy.   Will be glad when the weather gets warmer.  Snowing and
very cold right now.
Having a few intestinal issues, but making the most of his "nursery"
and getting a little bit of exercise.  He got to go outside for about
15 minutes yesterday, and yes, we do know his blankie is pink even
though he is a boy.  But he is staying warm and that's what counts.
Due to his tummy issues, we are going through mass ""dipeys".
If ya'll know where we can get KROGER - OVERNIGHT UNDERWEAR W/LEAK
know.  We brought home 3 packs from Nevada, but they were gone in two
days.  "Auntie Denise" (PTL) brought several different types from
Redding over, but none compare with the Kroger ones.  There was one
that was "adjustable", but it just adjusted everything right out, and
of course he walked around in it as I had stepped into the other room.
  wah!!  Oh well,  gotta love the newborns and everything that comes
with it.  :)
Hugs and thank yous to everyone who is involved in helping this little guy.

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 11:12 AM

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Comments: This is an amazing story...makes me smile:))
  I'll check with Smiths in Dayton. Might be able to get them to donate a bunch of Kroger slip ons to you for him and future foals .
  Thanks! I know Palomino will appreciate your help!
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