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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

5 Reasons Lying is OK (1 school's 10 second rule)

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BBC News 11/2012 Students could avoid punishment if they quickly [10 seconds] produced a clever explanation for their misbehavior at Perse School in Cambridge, England. "Getting children to talk their way out of a tight corner in a very short period of time" said school director Ed Elliott* encourages creativity and could produce a generation of British entrepreneurs.
As an author, educator and mom here's why I think...

Lying is OK Under the 10-Second Rule

1. Kids accept that the adult is in charge. The minute the head master/ teacher/ parent looks at the clock and says "Go!" there's an implied "You didn't really expect to deceive anyone with that did you?"

2.  Kids learn to think on their feet.  Grown-up problems often have short fuses. Stalling makes everything  worse. Students who learn instant communication -- even if details are made up -- get good practice for mature mess-ups.

3. Kids replace stress with humor.  Cornered students get mad or sad and react accordingly. Replace panic with outlandish story-telling and you'll likely substitute laughter for freaking out. 

4. Kids know creativity rocks ; now they get to prove it.  Under the 10 second rule, a student's allowed to show off creative flair and "what -if" her way to a positive solution.

* Mr Elliott, whose independent  Perse School in Cambridge, England caters to pupils aged three to 18, said he wants to help create a "quick-thinking, communication-savy generation" and stated many pupils had risen to the challenge. 

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