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Monday, December 24, 2012

Cast of PHANTOM STALLION novella

Dear Readers,
Some of you get to open ONE Christmas gift on Christmas Eve, instead of waiting until tomorrow.
So, I'll answer one question I'm getting from a lot of you.

Which PHANTOM STALLION characters will return in the novella that begins HERE tomorrow?

Horses: the Phantom, Dark Sunshine, Ace, Tempest & more

Humans:  Sam, Jake & other Ely brothers including a first look at Seth* , Brynna, Gram, Linc Slocum (from prison!) and more.

photo of SAGE by Cat Kindsfather
photo of GHOST DANCER & me before she left BLM's corrals, by Cat Kindsfather

Holiday Hugs to you,
Sage, Ghost Dancer  &Terri 

* from my notes:
Seth Ely – paralegal, long braid and glasses is going to college at Great Basin College studying tribal law

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