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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Catch-up Day

Dear Readers,

Last week I promised that I'd write my impressions of the Fallon livestock sale. All of the images are swirling in my head, but it's turning out to be tougher to write than I thought.  I promise to get to it soon. The notes are there, but I'm not excited about re-immersing myself in that day.

If you've ever wanted a mustang straight off the range, BLM is doing on-the-spot adoptions following the Diamond Complex round-up that's taking place now.  The photo to your right shows some Diamond Complex mustangs. Their confirmation is often "Quarter Horse"ish and there have been some curly coated horses rounded-up there, in the past. I've never been to this sort of adoption day before, so I can't give you my opinion, but these horses will have been spared the trauma of being shipped across the state in crowded trucks.  For more info: On-site Mustang Adoptions

I just finished writing & making hand-outs for a brand new writers' workshop. It will be very fun because there's a little role-playing involved and we'll be making a treasure map !
MAPPING YOUR CHARACTERS' INTERNAL LANDSCAPES:  Explore your character's heart and head, chart what makes them tick and leave the workshop with a take-it-with-you guide to humanizing your book people and intensifying your themes.

I'm leading this workshop this weekend in Las Vegas at WRITE RESOLUTIONS conference &  I think the conference still has some spots.  If you know anyone interested in writing for publication, this should be great.  Besides published authors, there will be an agent and a NY editor!  This is the kind of small conference at which you really get a chance to talk with "heavies" in the business. For more information, click here .

Hugs to you all,

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Comments: I read the response from Gov. Sandoval where he actually had the audacity (stupidity) to link pubic safety with the need to send them through Fallon vs work with the rescue groups. Maybe we should take a look and see if the auction is a campaign donor?
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