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Terri Farley
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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Who's Going to Kill Your Wild Horses?

"Some of the finest meat you will ever eat is a fat yearling colt," said Tom Davis, purchaser of 1700 BLM-processed mustangs. 

"A livestock auction sale yard does not differentiate whether a person is a horse lover or a kill buyer that's the unfortunate part of this," stated Ed Foster, Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA) spokesman, on a News 4 broadcast in Reno, Nevada.

 YES, America's wild horses are going to slaughter. Tomorrow I will attend a slaughter auction and hope to see 41 Nevada mustangs rescued. 

But when mustangs lose their lives along with their freedom, who kills your wild horses? 

The Poor

>  people of color living in low-income communities


The Stressed 

> “at-will” employees who must under-report accidents, endure unpaid overtime, chronic physical pain and prolonged psychological detachment to keep their jobs.

> “Employees are very aware of the dangerous nature of their work. When you combine sharp tools and automated machinery in a high-paced, crowded environment, injuries are inevitable.” 

Food Empowerment Project

The Criminal 

> California Livestock Identification Bureau, reported horse thefts down 30%  after passage of a ballot-initiative banning horse slaughter

> When the Belgian-owned Dallas Crown horse slaughter corporation was forced to close in Kauffman, Texas, crime dropped dramatically: Robberies down 65% 
Assaults down 61.7%
Car thefts down 83.3% 
Murders and rapes dropped to

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 11:41 PM

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Comments: terri, would love to hear how the auction went down (and/or if the auction house tried to pull any shenanigans so that the advocates had to pay more for these horses)
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