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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

How to: Live with a Wild Horse

How to You Pick the Right Mustang for YOU


 MUSTANGS 4 US   is a website that's been described as Disneyland for Mustang-lovers and it will give you some questions to consider.  From color and conformation to where to find a "used" wild horse, you'll discover guidance for
Choosing the Right One

Plus the site has lots of cool stuff, including t-shirts with this logo  

BLM Adoption Schedule, by State


Want to Bond with a REALLY Wild Horse?

BLM is trying something new. If you are experienced with wild horses & a qualified adopter you might be lucky enough to adopt one of 20 yearlings available this Saturday, February 9, right where they were captured. 
For more information, check out:     Adopting a mustang on its home range

After you adopt

There's lots of help available to assure you & your mustang get off to a good start. If you want to learn to put your HEAD where your HEART is, check out  WILD HORSE MENTORS .   

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