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Terri Farley
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Love & Groceries Turn Dead-end Arabian into Dream Horse


Dear Readers, This is an update from Palomino. Anything I added is in bold print. 
When a horse is "given away for free, or sold for a very modest price", how sure are you where they actually end up?  Many people are not aware that there is a huge, sadistic and ever growing market for cheap and free horses.  Here's how people looking for these horses appear like the perfect new owners --
People "rent" part of someone's ranch to show the perfect new home for your horse, but they are in kahoots with the ranch owner. Both buyer and property owner share in the profits. 
 "Husband and wife" or perfect "couple" appear to be such animal people, but they're skilled kill buyers
Buyer claims to need a number of gentle horses for a 4-H, church, at-risk kids program

When someone sees a horse that looks like Magic did when we got him, they don't see his potential.  Many horses that end-up in the slaughter house were just in need of some TLC.

Knight was advertised "for free to a good home".   I did not see the ad , but was told about the horse.  Since we are having a such a crisis nationwide where "free" horses are picked up and sent to slaughter, we jumped at the chance to pick up this Arabian. We had not seen him, but committed to picking him up the very day we were told about him.  We changed his name and now BLACK MAGIC is at home with us, and doing very well, thanks to our local vet, but he might have ended up in the slaughter pipeline.
So, if any of you out there are looking for an equine friend, check out those "free horses".  They may l need training or special supplements, but look at how Magic looks compared to when we brought him home.  He is a wonderful horse and has an enormous amount of potential.

P.S.  Groceries, vitamins and medicine aren't free. If you can't take in a needy horse, please help Palomino do it ! You can donate here:

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 3:55 PM

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Comments: Hey Terri. I think that all WILD horses should be protected. I noticed it didn't say wild anywhere in the free roaming mustang and Burro act.I had a Mustang mare named Moonshine and she was blind, Just like Penny . She went to a Perfect "couple" like you talked about. I would enjoy fighting for mustangs freedoms

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