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Terri Farley
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Monday, June 17, 2013

Palomino's Miracle Mustangs & Other Friends

Dear Readers,
Friday I left home to drive to Shingletown, California.
For lots of us, it's the center of wild horse rescue.
First, I visited Palomino Armstrong's Miracle Mustang rescue and became reacquainted with:
Romeo and Collins, rescued mustang orphans
HONEY BANDIT -- after his tough start, it's hard to believe this beautiful, glossy, friendly 3 year old was heartbeats away from death many times 
Donk, burro head of cougar control
Bear and Soldier, rescued Dobermans
Magic, rescued black Arabian
A piggy whose name I missed (but I did snap his photo)
Snickers, sweet Aussie
TRAVIS -- Palomino's son!
One of the coolest things at the rescue is the wild horse nursery.   I thought I was walking into a bedroom -- and there is comfy bed, but there's also a cozy corral in one corner and a wall opens so that threatened foals that need food and care through the night can be "inside" where Palomino leaps from bed to tend them with round-the-clock care.
Talk about dedication!
More later,

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