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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Teachers & Librarians: Free books for you

Dear Teachers and Librarians, 
Multiple copies of the Phantom Stallion and Wild Horse Island foreign language editions pictured here are sitting, unloved, in boxes.  
The French translations are soft cover and I have no Spanish editions, but the books shown above are

free to good homes !

Education Tip: When I do school visits, I bring along American originals and foreign editions. Then, because cover art differs so from country to country, I ask students to compare/contrast cultural perceptions of today's American West. Even the little ones love looking for clues to make matches.  
If you’d like to check your libraries for HarperCollins copies you already have, these books are, from left:
TOP Row: Phantom Stallion 2, 3 and Wild Horse Island 1
MIDDLE Row: Phantom Stallion 3, 4, 8, Wild Horse Island  2
 BOTTOM row: Phantom Stallion 4, 6, 5, 6

Feel free to shoot me a personal email  from your school or library email address if you’re interested. 
Have a wonderful school year,

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