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Tuesday, August 20, 2013



Dear Readers,
LIVE TWEETING feels like a cross between fast-breaking journalism and haiku poetry.
It allows me to cover the most disturbing stories with controlled emotions.
Many of YOU were disturbed because you don't know how to Tweet and weren't following the slaughter sale of wild horses on Saturday August 17.
Below you can read my liveTweet coverage from Nevada's Fallon Livestock Exchange.
If you need clarification of some of my funky abbreviations, just ask. Please forgive me misspellings and non-nimble fingers. I was trying to get the info out as soon as possible.  
As you may know, Twitter only allows 140 characters (letters, numbers and spaces) in each entry.
This is what came before and during the auction. After the auction, hundreds of horses were saved. Hundreds went to slaughter.  Tomorrow, we learn the future of the unbranded horses, as decided by a Federal judge.   

August 17  six a.m.

divided into sale lots last night before TRO but on scene at dawn

17 Aug
Come to Fallon livestock exchange. Get a bidding # so u can help search for unbranded going into ring

  auction property
17 Aug
Sorting mares and goals w hot shot

 Lots of neighing Still on property

17 Aug
Guy just came out of cafe joking haha "best horse I ever had." Hilarious, dude

17 Aug
Lots of limping . Bad enough I can see from a distance

Terri Farley @Terri_Farley 17 Aug
Owner auction says lawsuit cost homes, may truck them out of here 2 have" heads chopped off"

Kill buyers: rallying of the clans 2 combat diminished income. Every buyer I have ever heard about
17 Aug
Sheriff deputies getting sick of auction staff sicc-ing them on advocates using their cell phones...Not shooting photos. Honest

17 Aug
Kill buyers are getting really rude just walking by and sniping at anyone they even suspect of liking horses. @Fallonslaughter
I just heard your name mentioned w anger by a clump of kill buyers Badge of honor.
 Kill buyers claim horses look better than they would've thought. Jok ing that tribes went to pal valley and took their pick

17 Aug
Office still locked. Need bidder # to tour horses . None issued yet? Parents w kids here, trying to explain

  17 Aug
Lot of these guys in a quandary: blame Indians or wimmen(no matter that me advocates are here 2)?

Wish I could photograph the huge, ominous truck ready to head for the border full of
  17 Aug

Huge HUGE legal fees involved in TRO that will likely save unbranded . Help pay for it please

Got my # to bid

17 Aug
Recharging cell and eating almonds. Should guarantee auction starts. No way am i spending money in cafe

Interview w BBC. Super.Still no auction but more big trucks#fallonslaughter

  17 Aug
Finally walking thru pens. Every girls dream horses.
Denis Suzanne and laura Lee found unbranded horses among branded. They've been pulled

  17 Aug
About to start auction.

17 Aug
Arlo of ft McDermitt clarified these are all native horses

  17 Aug
Palomino. Mare and foal sold. 800 dun pony w bay colt 200

  17 Aug
Brown mare w buck foal 325 . Appy mom w dark foal 325. Both saved

 Interior of auction.looks about the same as one I was able. 2 photo in Jan. Little. Cleaner
17 Aug
Frantic mare and foal sold 225 to killer
Horsepower buying horses. Yes. Also bidding for many
17 Aug

Perfect Indian paint w paint baby 300. Palomino and ivory paint with golden foal 300

  17 Aug
Horses are very banged up, face an chest esp. Some so damaged that Advocates think they should be put down out of humanity
 2 orphans. Auctioneer checking w Deniz to see if they can be sold even though unbranded. She said ok but lots of pressure

Orphans bought togetr. Now adult horses. Footsore yearling 100to. Killer  

  17 Aug
These beautiful horses are selling for Starbucks money.z
Sorry for the gap in N coverage. being sold in lots of 12 now.

17 Aug
Almost all mares w foals and young horses have been saved. Advocates are really stepping up

17 Aug
Have a mission: a grandmother wants me to find a young buckling for her grandkids to learn from. On it

17 Aug
2 geldings- - paint w black swatches over eyes and his honey palimino buddy- - were in one of the big lots bought by killer

 Someone talked the kill buyer into selling her the b n w paint w swatches but buyer didn't take palomino.

 Kill buyer got a pen of mares and foals why on earth?

17 Aug
Auction over. Horses loading. Most for the better

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Comments: Without your commentary I never would have known. Thank you. I am angry with a purpose to help instead of watch.
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