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Friday, November 01, 2013

NANOWRIMO: Here's Where You Can (Virtually) Rub Elbows with Writing Pros

Since today is the first day of  National Novel Writing Month, I thought reader-writers might want an insider's look at the community you plan to join.

Tickle your muse with NEWS and GOSSIP

Daily:   Sign up for free Publishers Lunch, self-described as the publishing industry's "daily essential read," shared with over 40,000 publishing people every day   Publisher's Marketplace

Weekly: Get the scoop on what's happening in kidslit   Publishers Weekly - Children's Publishing

Whenever: Listed below is everything you can find at   QueryTracker 

  • List of top literary agents and publishers.
  • Tools to keep your queries organized.
  • Export and backup your data at any time
  • Data compiled on agents and queries gives you insight, such as:       
  • The number of queries sent to each agent.
          The number of queries each agent accepts.
          The number of queries each agent rejects.
          Response times of agent   
    Happy writing!  

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