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Saturday, September 06, 2014

What are the TOP THREE REASONS to Write Middle-Grade Fiction?

What are the TOP THREE REASONS to Write Middle-Grade Fiction? 

 The Student * The Teacher * 

                                   The Wild Horse Story 

If you like reading other people's mail, you're in luck.
I was so giddy-happy over this letter, I wanted you to read it, too! T.
Mrs. T,
How are you? I am doing well. I've recently gotten a job as a speech therapist 
at an elementary school. I am writing because you helped get me out of a  
tight spot today. :)
I had prepared materials for my student (she and I were going to read together) and rhat was great except I left them at home. And I didn't realize this important fact until the girl entered my classroom. 

 So just to make conversation (as I scrambled to come up with something interesting) I asked her what she liked to read about most. Her response was instantaneous-horses! 

I was thrilled and relieved. I may be 23, but I still have the good ol' Phantom on my Ipad! So needless to say we had a great session. We were both engrossed in The Wild One. We were able to address her speech issues AND she can't wait to come back next week!
Anyway I won't keep you any longer. I just wanted to write to let you know I had thought about you and I appreciate the Phantom's run to the rescue! 


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