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Terri Farley
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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Despite Abuse, Mustang Filly Can Trust

Men yank on baling twine wrapped around Diamond's neck (photo by Bo Rodriguez)

Dear Readers,
Today I touched Diamond. When I saw the mustang filly in the slaughter ring, neighing for her mother, I didn't think she'd survive the repeated trauma of capture, separation from her family, being dragged by her neck by two men, and being sent to a slaughter auction.
Today I touched Diamond at her wild horse home, Wynema Ranch and if I hadn't noticed her flattening ears, she might've taken a nip. I didn't blame her. 
Diamond was rescued with her family, but her mother didn't survive for long. She has a wonderful home and you can visit her if you like.
Read  Diamond's story and you'll know why she touched me as I watched this hurt and hounded filly relax, and sling her glossy head over the shoulder of Margie, a volunteer she'd never met before.
Our species could learn so much from horses.

p.s. Wynema Ranch and Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund needs volunteers to help rescued wild horses

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 9:28 PM

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Comments: dear Terri,
I haven't read much lately, but are the mustangs still in life threatening danger? I am doing a project at school, so the info is needed. :)
  I wrote a paper for school, and somehow convinced the entirety of Sunman- Dearborn Middle school to fall in love with Diamond and write letters to the BLM. Isn't it great? I am not only proud of myself, but the student body for taking a stand!
  Dear Lexi, Thanks so SO much for helping the horses! I would love to send your school a thank-you for writing to the BLM! Yay!!!!
Please email me at and we'll chat, ok?

  ok. thank you :)
  would you consider coming to Guilford, Indiana? I have wanted to meet you for a long time.
  Hi Terri
  HI Lexi, YES I'd consider coming to Guilford, Indiana. What if you email me & we can talk more?
Here's my email address:
Looking forward to hearing from you!

  Dear Lexi -- I'm traveling a lot for the new book. I'll be in Wisconsin next month, for instance :)

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