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Terri Farley
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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Wild Horses, Wild Fire and Politics

Cheat grass in the Great Basin dries out by mid-June, then drops seeds and becomes tinder for range fires.  
Partial Solution: “Wild horses eat cheat grass before it can drop seeds,” admitted Les Boothe Rangeland Management Specialist, adamant supporter of wild horse removal at the Beaty Butte Working Group sponsored by Beaty Butte Grazing Association, Oregon Natural Desert Association.

Question: Should we write off as coincidence the fact that massive round-ups of mustangs coincide with proliferation of cheat grass and the rapid return of wild land fires from every 60-100 years systems to less than 5 years?  


Western governors are concerned about the early start to the 2016 fire season and many, including Nevada’s Governor Brian Sandoval, support the round-up of wild horses. 

Tell Governor Sandoval to look at the facts

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 9:41 AM

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Comments: I wrote this using the catch lines that are at the bottom of each PS book, I included all 24 of them:

How do you capture a free spirit?
You just can't...
Just like-
Real treasure is never lost,

What does it mean to be free,
It means that...
The heart is always free,
It means...
A choice must be made,
Not one, but LOTS...

Freedom is the greatest risk,
EVERYONE wants to be free,

A fierce spirit wants to be free,
And look, even...
A mysterious mare wants to be free,

To be free, you have to believe...
You need to believe...
Hope is the powerful medicine,
Everyone can shine,
Everyone can learn to shine,

When your lost, look cuz here comes...
An unlikely hero to the rescue,
Just like,
A filly gets a second chance,
The filly should get a second chance...

Life is full of surprises...
Look and see:
A friendship is tested,
Storms can change everything,
Best friends have to stick together,
A new leader comes forward,

It will be that...
Luck is what you make of it,

There's a thief in the night,
Can Lightning strike twice?
A dangerous fire is burning,

Every person needs a home...
Every horse needs a home,

Can he find his way home?
Can she find her way home?
Can they find their way home?

A mustang flies home,
This horse is wild at heart
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  I love this!
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