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Friday, March 25, 2016

Sleepwalking into the Sea

"This is what it's like to be crazy..."

Gwen in "Seven Tears into the Sea" is a sleepwalking child when she encounters a selkie boy. But that's hard to believe. After all, she lives in a California beach town, not in a past when shapeshifters were more than Celtic mythology. Besides, the adults in her life fear the midnight meeting was something sinister. 
By the time Gwen's a teenager, she's not sure what happened to her -- or him.  

This is the only YA novel I've written, the only one missing a horse (thought there is a sea horse!) and it haunts me.
   When I wrote SEVEN TEARS, I was lucky enough to see two covers under consideration for my book.
I loved them both and I was always thankful that I didn't have to make the choice!
Take a look. Especially if you have read the book:  Which cover would be your choice?  
Happy Spring! 
Please make this time of new beginnings COUNT!

Read more about this book & selkies here

created by artist Leuyen Pham

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 11:56 AM

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Comments: Who decided which cover would be used then?
  F.m. The marketing department convinced the editorial/art departments that the painting was more suitable for an historical novel than a contemporary one.

  I just read 'Seven tears into the sea' and i really enjoyed reading it! It was good and I hope you do write a sequel sometime. Even though I liked it, my fave books by you are still the Phantom Stallion! Are you going to write any more books now Wild At Heart is finished?? I really wish and hope that you do more PS books. Will you continue Sams blog regularly or just add to it everynow and then?? Oh and when will the nxt newsletter be out??

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