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Sunday, March 05, 2017

Seven Tears into the Sea: Celtic Magic on the Incoming Tide

I've yearned for the moody beach and unsettling characters of SEVEN TEARS INTO THE SEA ever since I wrote "The End."  


In the last few weeks readers who love the story as much as I do have taken me back to  
Mirage Beach, to Jesse and Gwen and the small town where the ancient Celtic legend of the selkie comes ashore for love, mystery and midsummer madness.

I met author Jackie Smith at the Teen Bookfest by the Bay and it turns out she's a fan of the story! This week in Quinter, Kansas, I get to talk about the appeal of shape-shifting characters and THEN

I discovered this YouTube book review by Lacy

FYI  :

Q:  What is a selkie, really? 
A:  Ancient tales  say they are faery folk who can shift shapes between human and seal, But there's much more to the story. Here's one of my favorite selkie websites about Selkie Folk

Q: What is scrying? 
A: Originally, it meant "seeing from afar" and in SEVEN TEARS, Gwen's grandmother has the gift of seeing deeply into the present and future by gazing into an antique mirror, but crystal balls and still waters have presented others, over the ages, as a way to see and know the unknown.

Q: SEVEN TEARS' cover is kind of dreamlike, what is it supposed to show?
A: As you may know, Gwen has a history of sleepwalking and I've always thought the published cover (at the top of this blog) shows how it might feel if you'd walked in your sleep, right down to the edge of the sea as Gwen did.

Want to dive into this book? Visit your local library, bookstore or

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