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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Getting Personal about Reading

Dear Readers,

What does reading mean to you?

If someone -- a teacher, a parent, a sibling -- hadn't taught you and me to read, would we be "talking" right now?

How has reading changed your life?

Teachers, librarians, writers (and students!) can get a little beaten-down about their work, so when I give presentations, I LOVE giving them a fresh look at the IMPORTANCE of what they do.

Have books been your friends when others failed you?

Feel free to get as personal as you like, or as silly, just be truthfu. You can send me your answers here at the blog (tell me if you don't want it published) or email it to be at

Has reading been a safe place when the roof of your life was caving in?

Or, like me, has reading helped you find your passion?
Thanks, and don't be surprised if I post some of your answers over my computer for inspiration!
Enjoy the last days of April,

p.s. I LOVE the art above and found it posted all over the Internet, but couldn't find an artist; if you can, please let me know & I promise to give credit where it's due!

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 11:11 AM

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Comments: 1. To me reading means horses. I cant afford a horse of my own so I can always read learn everything about them

2. Alot of what I know about horses has come from reading. It has made me a more knowledgable horse person. I think I'm also a better writer because I read so much.

3. Alot of my friends arent into horses so when I cant talk about horses with them I can read read read about 'um!

4. Hmmm....sometimes I get discouraged and I think I'll never get my own horse. But reading about horses (like the adventures of sam and the phantom) always make me sure that I'll get that horse one day.

p.s. I dont only read books about horses. just mostly :) Like I said,as long as i dont have a horse i can always read about um
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