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Terri Farley
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wild Horse Mismanagement

Dear Readers,
Isn't the logo for the BLM's wild horse program pretty? I wish it reflected the Bureau's plans and actions.
As any of you who watched the live streaming video** from the Wild Horse and Burro advisory board meeting in Sacramento yesterday, there was lots of talking and some of it was troubling.
Some reports from BLM employees are too disturbing to wait until the meeting minutes are available. Of course I'll update when they are.
From my notes:

- BLM is considering upsetting the gender ratio in wild horse herds. They would change it so that hers would be 70% stallions. What a terrible idea.
Not only would many stallions be injured in fights, the mares might not survive. I hope that's not part of the plan.

-Despite BLM's repeated protests that they can't afford to care for our wild horses, the BLM's wild horse program turned down money from the Federal stimulus program

-BLM hasn't made an "annual report" to Congress since 2004, but reported they should have have one ready in 2011.

More to come,

**I would love to hear from any of you who were able to watch ; did it work for you?

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 8:13 PM

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Comments: Hi Terri,

I listened to the BLM Advisory Board meetings in March 09, and last week, June 15, 09. No way is the Advisory Board FOR the wild horses/burros.

Having read the most recent FOIA BLM plans to literally destroy and obliterate the wild horses, I listened with a mind tuned-in to "read between the lines." The latent message within the manifest message.

What I heard are plans to move on according to the FOIA document...although the BLM Advisory Board would not address this document at the meeting last week! The plans to wipe-out the wild horses have been in the works since, at least, Sept. 08.

Although very disorganized, yet savvy, and supposedly underfunded, the BLM wants to move fast with the wiping out of the horses. They know the ROAM Act is coming offering protection for the wild horses. I heard most, if not all of the Board is against the ROAM Act. Even though some did not know the bill number: HR 1018!!

I thought I had seen and heard it all regarding our horses. This is the max in betrayal to the wild horses and the public. The wild horses/burros are OUR wild horses/burros. On OUR public lands paid for with OUR taxes.

This is criminal by the BLM and needs to be litigated!

Thank you for being at the meeting.
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