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Terri Farley
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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Who's this?

Do you recognize this PHANTOM STALLION cover? I bet some of you have you heard the story behind it. If so, share. If no one knows, I'll tell you about it!
Happy trails,

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 9:17 PM

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Comments: It is Faith from "Free Again", isn't it? I think I've seen the cover before and heard the "story" about it, but I'm not sure ...

~ Lani
  Isn't that little Faith? The picture is different than the book I have....
  Yes, its Faith. This is the first cover of Free Again, but they used the second cover instead and that is the one everyone has on their books.
  You're right. It is Faith, but do you know WHY I asked them to change this cover?
  I know this is Faith because I have seen this cover before but I don't know why you had it changed it but know I really want to!!!

  I think that cover is better than the cover that's already on the book, but I don't know why you (Terri) asked them to change the cover.
  So you could see more of the foal? I mean you can't really see her markings that well in this cover. She looks more gray than anything.
I think it is an amzing design anywho.
  Did you ask them to change the cover because Faith looks like she's staring at something in the distance? That wouldn't be accurate seeing as Faiths blind...right?

  Well, I dunno. Why would they change it? Maybe so it proves that even though Faith is blind, she can still be strong and know where things are.
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