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Terri Farley
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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Progress against horse slaughter

Dear Readers,
Europe and Canada are reconsidering consumption of U.S. horse meat because of the drugs pumped into performance horses.
Humans can be harmed by many "treatments" including iodine-peanut oil injections along the spine, anabolic steroids, cocaine, amphetamines, opioids and even snake venom given to horses so proposed new rules will mean that horses coming from the US will have to be kept drug free on a feedlot for half a year. And that makes them more expensive.
Not the motive I'd hoped for, but hey, I'll take it!

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 7:49 AM

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Comments: Amen!! Well i wish they would reconsider consumption because its just plain disgusting and that horses are ment for work not meat. But we can't always get what we want so im also glad that these drugs are slowing things down
  I dont care why they stop selling horses for meat as long as they stop!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm glad there's some good news.
  That's great! I don't like to think of people eating all that nasty stuff that horses get pumped full of. :( And not as many horses will die!
P.S: What kind of draft horse is that in the picture??
  Everytime I think of this, it makes me angry.
The horses human dope the most are race horses, jumpers, cutting and bucking horses. They're filled with drugs to keep them performing for our entertainment...before we send them to a factory death.
Awful as it is, I can imagine sacrificing a beloved animal to feed my children, if they were starving.
What I CANNOT imagine is benefitting from an animal's lifelong efforts to please me, then sending her off to a terrifying factory, while she's still healthy, to make money from her blood and body.
The ingratitude...ah well, you know.
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