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Terri Farley
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Saturday, September 05, 2009

BEST and WORST, you go first!

Dear Readers,
When my kids were little we started a dinnertime game. During it, each of us would tell the BEST and WORST part of our day. It was a way to put the day into perspective and catch up with each other. The only rule is that you must think of one of each.
Best could be anything from a favorite kind of casserole on the plate in front of you, to getting unexpected praise from a teacher, to finding a cow in our garden (yep, that happened one fall morning).
Worst, when the kids were little, was often something like "I can't find my favorite _____," or "_____ was mean to me," or "I left my homework at school!" and lots of times the "worst" was something we could fix together.
So now, if you like, share your best and worst of the whole summer and the rest of us will listen!

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 8:01 AM

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Comments: Best: GETTING A PUPPY!

Worse: My BEST FRIEND'S dad died....
  Sorry about your friends dad, Violet.

Best: Adopting my Saddlebred mare. [[:

Worst: Family issues.
  Best: Building a stronger bond with horses.. its something special i cannot describe just at one..

Worst: Seeing my great-greandmother die but best knowing for sure is in a better place.

  Best: Getting lots of work done on my story complete art class and becoming reintroduced to a lot of old friends.
Worst: A few frightening (but not life threatening) health issues.
  Best: Going on a weekend vacation with my grandparents, two of my cousins, and my aunt and uncle (and my brother)!

Worst: It's POURING down rain right now. (OK, I know that sounds kinda lame lol but it was the only thing I could think of. :)
  Thanks for sharing, all!
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