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Terri Farley
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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Does this mustang look like she's starving?

This beautiful photograph by
Carol Walker shows what BLM calls the arid West.
So, do I believe my government or my own eyes?

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 1:20 PM

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Comments: Champion photograph... just to be there to see that. I really don't think I could stop myself from crying. How long before this beautiful land is torn, cultivated, and inhabited by humans? I hope to see these places in my lifetime before that happens.

and the horse looks perfectly healthy to me... they have survived on the range for years and they are still doing so today
thanks for sharing
  Wow, amazing photagraph!!! I think these horses can live by themselfs perfectly fine! They have done it for so long. Mustangs roamed here before we did.
That horse looks perfectly fine to me! By the time I grow up, with what BLM is doing, mustangs will be just a legand. And there beautfil free roaming hills an plains will be no more. It will be invaded by human being.
Save the mustangs!
  I don't want them to be just a legend when I'm grown. I want them to still be around, living free. I don't want them to disappear before my very eyes during my youth. I don't want to lose the only thing we have left to remind us what freedom really is. Mustangs.

This picture is amazing. The BLM claims to be *helping* these mustangs, but their not helping at all, they are doing something far from that. Their ruining their lives completely. Taking their freedom. Ripping these mustangs from everything they have ever known. Mustangs are the only ones who still know what true freedom is, or at least they do now. We can't let this go on. True, we aren't adults yet, but practically the only thing we can't do is vote! Lets not think about the things we are incapable of doing, or unable to do, lets focus on what we can do!
  Anyone lucky enough to be near a mustang like this photographer was...well it's just way too amazing to believe...
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