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Terri Farley
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saving a Stallion

photo by Mark Terrell
Wild Horses of Nevada

Dear Readers,
I'm in love with this horse, a Medicine Hat stallion, captive at BLM's Fallon corrals.
Although I have very mixed feelings about naming wild horses, in my imagination he has a name. And a story. During the last two days I've been writing it. I can't seem to stop.
I hope to keep track of him and see that he's set free in the spring.
Do you know any stories about Medicine Hat horses? Please respond to this blog post if you do, and we can share what you know with other readers.
Best to you,

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 10:25 AM

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Comments: is this the one you told me about? oh he is amazing i hope we can work this out! he would be perfect!
  I think the belief is that no harm can come to you when you ride a medicine hat horse. Or something like that. They were considered to be spirit horses by some indians i think.
  Where you meaning books when you said 'stories'? Because there is a book called San Domingo The Medicine Hat Stallion by Marguerite Henry.
  in your books i have!LOL you should right about this horse
  What's the stallion's story you're writing about Terri?
  Yes, what is the story about the stallion, Mrs. Farley. Oh he is beautiful! I am sorry, I know nothing about medicine hat horses. But I heard about it in your book. It had something to do with like their markings or something.
  Wow! He's beautiful! I hope he can be released back into the wild! Will you ever publish the story you are writing about him? the only books I've ever read about medicine hat horses are san domingo the medicine hat stallion by marguerite henry and free again by you!
  He's AMAZING!!!! Native Americans used to hold them as sacred because they were like good luck and would supposedly would protect their rider from any harm. At least that's what it said in a book I read I think it was callled the medicine hat stallion or somethin like that. Love him :)
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