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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Secret Selkie Saturday

Dear Readers,
You must be longing for summer breezes, because a rising tsunami of letters and email are coming ashore, asking me to chat about SEVEN TEARS INTO THE SEA.
I loved writing my only fantasy and its setting haunts me, too.

Read an excerpt from Seven Tears into the Sea by clicking on the first line in the book, which I've typed in italics, below:


This is what it's like to be crazy...

Many of you have asked for a sequel, but I'm not there yet. That doesn't mean I can resist the sea songs of another bit of Celtic mythology, but it's still spinning itself into words.

Until that book is written, you can explore like this --

Read some reviews (good & bad) here:

SEVEN TEARS Reviews at Love Engineer blog

Click here to Be the first to start a discussion!

the sea is calling -- enjoy!

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 10:37 AM

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Comments: Question Mrs Farley. Who did the cover art? I like the perspective of the rocky sea shore

  Sequel? OMG! That would be awesome. Even though I did love the bittersweet ending of Seven Tears.
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