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Terri Farley
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Monday, May 10, 2010

Into the Winds

Dear Readers,
I'm on my way out to Battle Mountain, Nevada today and I'm excited. Not only will I be teaching four writing workshop for junior high students tomorrow, but I'll be traveling across Nevada's amazing basin and range.

From this photo, you can see how the land is like corduroy, alternately mountainous and flat. It's good wild horse country and I'll keep my eyes open.
Storms are brewing and the clouds look like bulging gray muscles before the winds puff them into white mare's tails, then scud them away.
I'm traveling with my friend Suzy (Suzanne Morgan Williams, author of BULL RIDER, now out in paperback btw)and she loves wild Nevada as much as I do. We'll have the windows open to smell the storm-hammered sage.
Happy Monday,
p.s next school visits -- Orlando, Florida!

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