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Terri Farley
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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Sagebrush Prayer

Cat Kindsfather photo of Terri Farley at Indian Lakes holding pens

Dear Readers,
Today's National Day of Prayer coincides with BLM's courtroom face-off with the legal team for the Calico mustangs.
Many of us will be holding up the horses, Judge Friedman and the legal team in our thoughts and prayers. We also hope for a last-minute change of heart from Secretary Ken Salazar.
No matter your faith, consider wrapping them all in your caring.
The last time I went to BLM's corrals, photographer Cat Kindsfather brought along a bouquet of sagebrush to share with the wild horses, so that they could smell their homeland even if they couldn't see it. They noticed. They came closer. We reached out to the with our hearts.
Today, please do the same.
Best to you and those you love,

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 7:07 AM

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Comments: She came to the field a she did every year.
In her tattered jeans and hand-me-down boots.
A bit of sage gently wrapped in her hand
Carried in the breeze that scent of the wild land
She turned left and right, not a herd to be heard not a filly to be found.
Year after year they came to eat the sage off her fingertips, fewer came every season, those velvety lips..
Now the earth was barren, a mother without her children
And she stood silent, a sage with dying sage, and she knew.

A poem dedicated to you Mrs. Farley and the horses.... I pray and hope it does not come to the empty wild land.

  a nice poem; makes the day; thank u

question; Why doesn't the BLM give Sage as a nutritional supplement?

comment: the mustangs deteriorate in the pens @ Fallon fast !

BLM doens't know how to save Stangs
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