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Terri Farley
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Thursday, July 08, 2010

BLM Helicopter Roundup To Begin Tomorrow?

photo by Terry Fitch
Straight from the Horse's Heart

Dear Readers,
If the Tuscarora round-up of 1,400 mustangs begins tomorrow, BLM will be violating their own rules that protect wild horse foals!

BLM's 2010 Handbook states that BLM MUST WAIT SIX WEEKS AFTER THE END OF FOALING SEASON to avoid hot weather danger to babies.
BLM defines foaling season as March 1-June 30. They're starting more than a month early!

“If allowed to go forward this will be a massacre,” says Anne-Marie Pinter. She rode the Pony Express route through the area on her Spanish Mustang and reports, "...our event veterinarian strongly recommended that we put thick rubber boots over the metal shoes of our horses."

Readers, I've ridden this terrain. It can be treacherous at a measured walk.
How coordinated and careful would you be if you were running for your life, fleeing a loud, lowering monster?

Rememer the foals whose hooves were literally run off during the snow and ice Calico round-up?
Remember BLM's statement,then, that winter round-ups were so much better than summer ones?
They said: "Not only are young foals in summer months more prone to dehydration and complications from heat stress, the handling, sorting and transport is a stress to the young animals and increases the chance for them to be rejected by their mothers. By gathering wild horses during the winter, stress associated with summer gathers can be avoided.”
So, Summer round-ups are dangerous. Unless, you know, BLM changes it's agengy opion. And numbers.

Curious about the "need" to round up 1,400 wild horses? BLM claims they knocked down some livestock fences.

Many Calico mustangs died even when humane observers stood alert with cameras during the winter round-up.
For the Tuscarora round-up, NO HUMANE OBSERVERS WILL BE ALLOWED.
What does BLM have planned that necessitates LOCKING OUT THE PUBLIC from the range as well as the AIR SPACE except for a single media day?

Call NEVADA Senator Harry Reid's Washington, D.C. office FRIDAY MORNING and ask him to stop the Tuscarora (pronounced TUSK UH ROAR UH) Round-up.
If you'd like to offer a solution, ask that all wild horse round-ups be halted until BLM can be investigated by an INDEPENDENT agency.

Nervous about calling? Ask yourself what you stand for, then start dialing!

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 6:57 PM

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Comments: I called this morning & left a long pleading, begging message. Will call again & again.
  Hi Terri
I called too! I asked the nice lady who answered to please ask the Senator to stop this roundup. She told me she'd let him know of my call. Seemed like she kinda knew the issue.

This is just sickening to standby and watch. I don't know what else I can do.
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