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Terri Farley
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Friday, June 25, 2010


Dear Readers,
Sorry I've been so random about my blog posts. All that is about to change and I really am going to teach myself to Twitter as lots of you have suggested.
I just spent a great four days signing books at the Reno Rodeo. It was wonderful to talk with so many people from around the country.
Millionaire ropers stopped by to chat and so did ranch kids who pointed out the difference between bulls and steers to a bystander. I saw more kids roping each other than ever before and I thought about my Jake roping Sam and Ace when he was being stubborn in the river. I talked examined an amazing pink rhinestone-encrusted breast collar a teenager had saved all year to buy for her sorrel mare and thought of Sam and Jen shopping at the rodeo booths in Mountain Mare.
Although I have qualms about traditional rodeo sports because of the effects on the animals, I was lucky enough to be signing at a table overlooking the cutting horse arena and I thought about Ace some more -- this time the real Ace -- who took me on some pretty exciting cutting bursts bringing wandering cows back into the herd on the cattle drive that inspired it all.
Hugs to you all,

p.s. Guess why I posted the cute critter at the top of this entry?

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