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Terri Farley
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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Three Amigas Doing OK

Ghost Dancer & Shell Flower before leaving Fallon, photo by Cat Kindsfather

Dear Readers,
Shell Flower -- Ghost Dancer's black and white pinto bff -- is back in the "special mares" pen at Palomino Valley wild horse center. She'd been in the hospital pen for about a week and a half, before the vet and wranglers determined she wasn't sick and probably wasn't suffering from kicking injuries.
Though Shell Flower has swollen joints, she appears healthy & at ease with the other horses. I didn't see her getting picked on and she held her own at feeding.
I talked with manager John Neill at some length about her & he says there will be a vet's note on her Internet photo indicating she shouldn't take heavy riding. All the more reason for her to go to a sanctuary.
I hope to adopt both Ghost Dancer & Shell Flower and free them in a sanctuary. One of them has a small population of mountain lions, which has taken down and eaten foals.
When I told John Neill, he said he was confident Shell Flower could defend herself. So that's good.
Ghost Dancer is still friendly with her, even after her absence, even though Dancer has another friend, a BIG dark brown mare with a bald face and a freckled streak on a hind leg (enough that BLM lists her as pinto). The three amigas have worked out the two's-company-three's-a-crowd bit & sandwich Ghost Dancer between them as they eat.

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 5:08 PM

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Comments: Muy bien! Es fantástico que se liberen a estas caballos en la bonita santuario.¿Pueden otras personas hacer esto?

  Wow Terri! That would be GREAT if you adopted them! I'm sure they would thank you for ever! What about the Phantom's sanctuary?

Hope all is going well :)
  Si, Raquel, otras personas se pueden. (hope that's right!)

Crystal -- you are reading my mind. Again :)
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